About Stephen Sandstrom

Lifelong Self-Starter:Stephen_Sandstrom

As his wife Jennie explains to delegates getting to know her husband better, “I’ve never had to worry about Stephen providing for our family. He’s always come through for family, friends and colleagues — he’s a classic self-starter.” With degrees from Brigham Young University and Arizona State University and a successful career, Stephen is committed to building a better future for the citizens of Utah. Given his political legs early in life, Stephen blends a loving family story and successful business career with a consistent commitment to public service, which achieves a level of versatility and knowledge needed to be a successful voice for Senate District 14.

Broad-based Representative:

As a multi-issue Legislator, Stephen successfully ran bills for enhancing education, upgrading transportation, and fighting identity theft. He criminalized inappropriate relationships between teachers & students, allowed citizens to purchase raw milk and honey, and blocked Indian gambling casinos. He defended Sandstrom and furthered our 2nd Amendment Rights. He preserved and protected natural resources, recreational access to public lands, stopped Nevada from taking Utah water in our west desert and protected native trout and wildlife habitats.

Diverse experience:

Stephen is prepared to represent the diverse needs of Senate District 14 — An avid outdoorsman, Stephen enjoys hunting, fishing and climbing. He has summited many of the world’s highest peaks, culminating in an expedition to Mt. Everest. As a loyal family man, a former United States Marine, a small business owner, and a dedicated local and state public servant, Stephen is uniquely qualified to represent the constituents Senate District 14.

Ingenuity & Responsibility Will Keep our State’s Economy Growing:

As a successful businessman, I understand firsthand how private sector ingenuity has historically fueled our State’s economy. As a commercial airline pilot, I never faltered in responsibility for the safety and lives of my passengers. As a U.S. Marine, I learned that honor and duty to our great Nation should never be compromised. It’s this same responsibility, drive and commitment to excellence that I brought to the Orem City Council and the Utah House, that I will now bring to the Utah Senate, as I seek to earn your trust and vote.